B. Complaints:

The principal objective of this portion of IDA's role in this area is protection of the public at large. Although the IDA does not have a Practice Act, there is a mechanism in place to investigate complaints against IDA Members. Initial complaints should be directed to the IDA Office.  (See contact information)  These will be referred to our internal Investigation Committee, which is made up of volunteer IDA Registered Members representing all areas of the province. These individuals review the initial complaint, interviewing both complainant and complainee, and determine if there is validity to it. Investigative methods are employed that protect both parties - all information under this process remains confidential. The Investigative Committee will issue a letter to both parties outlining the findings of the investigation and make recommendation of how to proceed (note that the IDA does not have the ability to stop people from practicing, nor can it pursue legal action on its member base or on behalf of them). Actions that could be taken against Members are exclusion from the IDA and the potential to have to take an ethics exam (depending on the situation that warranted the claim) to be reinstated as a Member.

It is important for all Members to be aware that a majority of complaints are a result of inadequate framing of expectations or disputes regarding services and payment. The IDA strongly recommends the use of a Standard Form of Contract to be used in outlining the scope of services you are providing your client.