Professional Liability Insurance for IDA Members


2019 Professional Liability Insurance Renewal Reminder

For those IDA members already in the PROLINK Professional Liability insurance program, the 2019 renewal is fast approaching and will be due by November 1, 2019. The renewal application will be available through a digital application making your renewal easy. The renewal notification was emailed directly to all IDA members insured with PROLINK on September 26th or 27th, 2019.

Professional Liability Insurance Now Available to ALL IDA Members

PROLINK has partnered with IDA to develop a comprehensive set of insurance solutions to protect you from the unique risks you face. IDA and PROLINK have advocated for your personal and professional insurance needs with a network of insurers, to ensure that you’ll benefit from superior protection at unparalleled rates. The Professional Liability insurance program managed by PROLINK Insurance is also now available to IDA members who may or may not be members of Interior Designers of Canada (“IDC”).

IDA members have been inquiring about their ability to maintain the PROLINK Professional Liability insurance outside of IDC membership. IDA and PROLINK worked together to provide Alberta members with the ability to access the National Professional Liability insurance program. For those IDA members who did not maintain IDC membership in 2019, you can still access PROLINK’s offering of products and pay approximately 8% to 9% more for their complete IDA business insurance package in 2019.

Whether you are renewing your coverage or applying for coverage for the first time, the digital insurance application will ask you to indicate if you are an IDA member-only or an IDA member with an IDC membership.

PROLINK is confident that it's business insurance package tailored for IDA members will continue to deliver excellent value when compared with the general marketplace. IDA members have access to the full offering of comprehensive Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability and business property insurance package.

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