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The Interior Designers of Alberta Communications Committee is excited to launch SPARK! A means to further connect design professionals with one another while cultivating a stronger sense of community, advocacy, and shared leadership within the Alberta interior design industry.


Q: What can I expect from a SPARK event?

A: Meaningful connections. Are you new to the industry? Have you recently moved from another city or province? Or, are you looking to test out another sector within the design community?

Whatever your path might be, SPARK events are geared toward starting the dialogue amongst our members and bridging the gaps to make lasting connections.


Q: What makes a SPARK event di?erent from the typical IDA event?

A: SPARK is an initiative provided by the Interior Designers of Alberta, intended to build upon the current list of events. As a valued member, we want SPARK to be your local platform. Whether you’re an emerging designer; working professional; or soon-to-be retiree; more frequently held events will help strengthen local engagement and provide the opportunity for more proactive participation.


Q: Why attend a SPARK event?

A: SPARK events are geared toward the sole purpose of strengthening our community through interaction.

Have you ever spoken to another designer and be absolutely inspired by what they’re saying? We can learn a lot from our peers, no matter what their educational background is, or what stage of their career they are in. Great conversations often spark inspiration.




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SPARK Ambassadors are local representatives with a passion for strengthening the design community within their provincial borders. These individuals are advocates for the Interior Designers of Alberta, and are champions for connecting, engaging, and inspiring their peers.

Stay tuned, Alberta! With the launching of SPARK, we are currently looking for SPARK Ambassadors to help lead this initiative in Calgary. If you are interested in being a champion in your community, please reach out to Darren Gee (