April 2020

Photo: MASI 2019 Gold Recipient, Office under $80/foot, Jerilyn Wright and Deb Simmons,

Jerilyn Wright & Associates Interior Design, Calgary, Alberta

President's Message

Hello, Friends.


I don’t know about you, but I have found the sheer amount of CONTENT coming at me in the past couple of weeks to be overwhelming.


We’re all already trying to stay on top of extreme changes to work, family and personal routines. At the same time I have found my inbox to be overflowing with invitations to CEUs, requests for virtual product knowledge sessions, people just wanting to chat online. When I do attend, the sessions can be hit or miss in terms of relevance.


I am finding it a bit much – especially when combined with the overarching worry and uncertainty we’re all feeling. But I fully appreciate and understand the instinct to help, to offer whatever guidance we can at this time.


IDA wants to help too. We are actively seeking out resources and opportunities that can be particularly useful to our members. We know you’re being inundated, and we would like to help curate your list so your energy is reserved for the most useful resources.


To that end, please read below for information about a special webinar opportunity ONLY for IDA members. We have worked with Charette Venture Group, a consultancy that specializes in business and financial planning for small and medium architectural / interior design firms. They have put together a closed session just for our members during which you will have the opportunity to ask your questions directly of their professionals. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.


Whatever different shape your life has taken on lately, I hope you find a moment each day to reconnect with a sense of calmness and security. Instead of thinking of our routine as “the new normal,” I prefer to call it “the temporary normal” – we have to adjust for the immediate future, but it won’t be like this forever. This too shall pass, and the only way out is through.


Meanwhile, we can take comfort in one thing we know for sure: interior designers are problem solvers. In our daily work we regularly encounter situations that are challenging, that require us to adjust our expectations and think flexibly, and where we lead our teams to successful resolutions. We find solutions for a living – and we will continue to do the same for ourselves, our clients, and our communities, whatever the future brings.

We are immensely grateful our members and hope that this community can be of some support during this time. If there are specific things that IDA can be doing to help you, please let me know at president@idalberta.ca.


The design process is an endless loop of hope - O.M. Coblani, Italy


Kerri Peyton

IDA President

Member Matters


NCIDQ exam cancellation for April


NCIDQ April 2020 exam have been cancelled. Please visit the NCIDQ website for detailed information. All candidates writing in April should have received a cancellation email. 


The following link provides detailed information regarding rescheduling of the exam for the October 2020 session. 

If you were planning to write in the October 2020 session the exam blueprint will follow the current spring exam blueprint. The rollout of the new exam blueprint will be done in 2021.

Here is a guide on the NCIDQ website for studying for the exams and the October 2020 exam blueprints.


IDA Member Only Webinar

COVID-19 Short-Term Impact Planning

For Small and Mid-Sized Design Firms


April 15, 2020 | 11:00 AM MST

In this unprecedented time, it is critical for firms to be proactive and maintain forward-thinking strategies. Charrette Venture Group is committed to helping small and mid-sized design firms become stronger businesses, which includes sharing how to resolve critical business decisions in times of crisis. This timely webinar will outline financial planning, operational, and business development strategies tailored to fostering business continuity and sustainability. Topics include how to prepare revenue projections in a time of uncertainty; how to match staff production capacity to workload demands; and how to communicate your value to clients during stressful times. There will be ample opportunity during the live presentation to ask questions of the speaker and share comments with your colleagues.




To support you in the coming weeks ASID has organized a series of special edition COVID-19 webinars, and are providing FREE CEU CONTENT FOR ALL on the ASID Academy. To access the ASID Academy, login with your ASID username and password or create an account.

COVID-19 support for employers and employees
Measures to protect employers and employees from the economic disruption of COVID-19 and position Alberta for recovery. 

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan | The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to help Canadians facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Support for businesses

IDA Member Project Feature


Project: Office under $80/foot

Designer: Jerilyn Wright and Deb Simmons, Jerilyn Wright & Associates Interior Design

Location: Calgary, AB


Three key design intentions were established early in the process for the new headquarters of this Malaysian state‐owned energy company. First, create clean, crisp, vibrant space to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. Second, speak to the importance of this company’s major position in the energy marketplace. Third, do so subtly.

Overall, the design is a bold and commanding representation of inspiration.


The design was carefully applied to a standardized set of floor plans as well as the central
reception/meeting spaces. These reception/meeting spaces were intentionally stacked over two floors to ensure views of the adjacent river were available from all guest spaces. Using the river view as inspiration, the Interior Designer created a design solution based on the movement and fluidity of liquid.


Two twisting ribbons of steel that form a dramatic stairwell to the guest spaces above the reception area. This staircase is self‐supported from the two 19mm thick, plate‐steel ribbons. It was formed in Quebec, fully assembled in a local manufacturing facility, then disassembled, transported to site, reassembled and site finished (requiring a full automotive grade paint booth to be built within an operating office tower).


We would love to showcase the work of our members on our social media platforms. Simply use the hashtag: #idalbertainteriors for a chance to be featured. Our next feature will be in May, providing plenty of time to get those projects photographed!

It is time! Time to give back and time to build up our profession. IDA is looking for Registered Interior Designers and Intern Members to get connected with each other.


Registered Interior Designers

Have you had a MENTOR who has made a significant difference in your life or career? What if that individual never stood up and volunteered to help you...Would you be where you are today?


Here’s your chance to give back and ‘pay it forward’. Become a MENTOR to help a Intern member with:


  • Career Guidance and Advice
  • Industry Support, Information, & Networking
  • Training & Education Opportunities
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Act as Sponsor for their NCIDQ Work Verification Form 


Encourage emerging designers who will become the future leaders of design and help shape the future of our profession.



Mentoring only takes on average a few hours per month, with a commitment of at least 6 months, and makes a huge difference to someone and to our profession. Plus, earn up to 6 self-reported non-IDCEC hours in your role as Mentor (IDCEC-700).

We have recently received questions from members and industry representatives on whether the IDCEC system will still be used to log continuing education credits, now that IDA and IDC are separate entities.

The answer to this is Yes! IDA has an agreement in place with IDCEC, so all members can continue logging their credits directly. For more information about continuing education requirements and IDCEC specifically, visit www.idcec.org.


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Opportunities advertised below are subject to change, please visit our job board to view current listings and for more information.



Contact the IDA office to learn more about volunteer opportunities for members.

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